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    Plasma Coating

     Wear protection against

     Corrosion protection against

     Thermal Insulation ( Thermal barrier)


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This is a high precision, most demanding Ferro Silicone particle filled system to combat corrosion, erosion and chemical attacks. It is a high technology two part system with high compression strength and temperature and unmatched resistance to broad range of chemicals and acids it is ideal solution for either renewing or protecting surface which are subject to corrosion, wear of abuse after thorough cutting one can drill, tap machine or cut it like the original metal.


(1)  Easy to mix and use – versatile application.

(2)  Resists corrosion, abrasion and several chemical attacks.

(3)  Reduces downtime as it rebuilds worn parts faster.

(4)  Room temperature application eliminates problems of bending twisting and development of internal stress.



(1)  To repair shafts, scored hydraulic rams.

(2)  To reseat, repair bearing housing, pump housing etc.

(3)  To refit key-ways.

(4)  To rebuild scored shafts.

(5)  Leveling and checking critical equipment.

(6)  To rebuild butterfly and gate valves.

(7)  To protect wear plates.



Compressive strength                                     : 850kg/cm2

Tensile strength                                               : 150kg/cm2

Max. Operating Temperature                         : 60deg.C. Wet and 220deg. C dry.

Working time at 30deg.C                                : 20 to 30 minutes.

Curing time at 30deg. C                                  : 3 hours.

Mix Ratio                                                         : 1R:1H

Specific volume                                              : 390cc/Kg.

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